Decide what search area you would like shown in your report.
See "Building Your Report" below.
Customize the report to suit your needs.
You can change the color of the report header, include your business card and logo on the title sheet, calibrate the market commentary for your unique market, and much more! Detailed instructions on how to do this will be made available once you complete the setup process.
Check your email.
Each month (or week depending on your options), you will automatically receive the updated PDF report via email.


So, How Does Real Market Reports NOT Work?

We are NOT an online real estate search engine like Trulia or Zillow. We do NOT rely on volunteers to submit listing data. Also, we do NOT require you to perform your own MLS searches, download data, install software, design layouts, learn quantum physics, or reinvent the wheel.

After you complete the initial setup, everything is handled by us, each and every week. Think of us as your virtual assistant who never complains and never calls in sick. All you have to do is open your email inbox each week and your updated reports will be waiting for you.

Building Your Report...

The first thing that you need to do is determine exactly what geographic area you would like us to report on. In other words, if you were to do a search in your MLS right now, what exactly would you enter as the search area criteria? Would it be a single zip code, multiple zip codes, a city name, a subdivision name, or maybe something else?

Next, you will want to give the report a name or title. This title will go in the header, as seen in the sample report for the town of Smallville. In other words, “Smallville” is the title of the market and its search area criteria would be two postal zip codes (55501 & 55502).

Once you have completed the above task, the hard part is over! You have just finished defining report #1, which will be automatically updated and emailed to you each week. And since reports are sent to you in Adobe PDF format, you can print them out any time or simply forward them electronically to whomever you wish (including your clients, *wink wink*).

Number of Reports...

Perhaps you would like more than just one geographic area reported on. Or maybe you would like one large area split up into many smaller areas? For example, you may wish to report on neighboring towns or several different subdivisions in your local city. To do so, simply repeat the above process for reports #2, 3, 4, and so on, determining the new search areas and corresponding report titles.

So when we ask, "how many reports would you like to order", this is what we mean.


More Questions?

Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still can't find the answers you're looking for, then contact us and we will help.