Real Market Reports keeps you ahead of the competition, impresses your clients, saves you time and most importantly, allows you to do what you do best - sell more houses! Our reports are designed to clarify the competitive and often overwhelming real estate market.

As a real estate professional, you know how difficult it can be to manage your clients’ expectations as early as possible and validate your claims. Unfortunately, many buyers and sellers today “think” they are smarter than the experts, having browsed the market from their laptops. They want to see the numbers for themselves!

We feature statistical analysis of your local markets, including active, pending, expired, and sold listings for the last six (6) months. Also provided are days on market, average prices, pending ratios, list-to-sale ratios, and absorption rates.

But how do market reports benefit you as a real estate professional?

Benefits of Real Market Reports:

  • View the overall market at a glance, as well as, detailed individual price ranges.
  • Justify your selling price recommendations and listing offers when consulting with clients.
  • Eye-catching charts will impress your buyers and sellers and backup your claims.
  • Choose custom MLS search areas.
  • Reports are updated each week.
  • Quality control reports ensure accurate data.
  • No "locked-it" contracts.
  • Customize report colors and use your own logo or business card.
  • Very affordable! Reports start at just $29.95 per month.

But Why Use Reports?

Reports are an excellent marketing tool for your business! Agents across the country are currently using Real Market Reports to stay in touch with their former clients as well as reaching out to new prospects. What better way is there to maintain and expand your sphere of influence EACH AND EVERY WEEK while still providing valuable information? They are a great way to provide an answer to one of the biggest questions on everybody's mind right now..."how is the market doing?"

Imagine two agents in the same area. Agent "A" relies on a traditional postcard campaign with a friendly "hello" to the neighborhood on the front and contact information on the back. Postcards can be expensive to print and mail, and unfortunately, most home owners do not give it a second thought. They are bombarded by marketing every's just another advertisement to them. Not only that, but most of them don't even want to list their house right now anyway!

Now consider the alternative. Agent "B" emails market reports to a vast network of prospects and former clients. The difference is that this strategy offers useful and relevant market information that people actually WANT to read regardless of whether they are selling or not!

Which agent do you think they will call when they finally ARE ready to sell?

How Useful is YOUR Real Estate Website?

Let's face it, most top-producing real estate agents have their own website by now. Not only that, but most also have an IDX feature that allows the general public to search for new listings. It's nothing new. So the question is, why would I choose YOUR website over the competition and why would I come back again next week?

The Market Dashboard Online feature is the answer! Charts and commentary integrate with your own existing website and they are automatically updated every week as the market changes, just like the reports.

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